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Carolyn Manning is a leading provider of mediation and negotiation services. She is the Principal Consultant of Dial M for Mediation. She has over 20 years experience as a psychologist and over 10 years experience as a mediator and negotiator who understands people and organisations. She brings this wealth of experience to her mediation and negotiation work.

We work with leading organisations across a range of industries, including the health sector, private schools, financial services, state government, industry ombudsman schemes, industry representative bodies, indigenous organisations, local councils, retail services, IT companies, police and leading family law firms.

Carolyn's work in the corporate sector also includes risk management services, Employee Assistance Programme counselling, harassment and bullying investigations, workplace change/climate surveys and training on topics such as dealing with difficult customers, stress management and managing trauma. Please refer to Carolyn Manning Consulting Services website for information about these related services.

Our Customers

Our customers have included industry ombudsman schemes across Australia, state government organisations, local councils, indigenous organisations, a "top four" leading Australian bank, hospitals, aged care facilities, a multi-national car company, multi-national mining company, private individuals, small businesses, leading private schools, industry representative bodies CEO's, senior managers, etc.

We are able to provide mediation, negotiation, risk management, auditing and complaint handling systems, implement good governance practices in both large and small organisations, at a national level and in the Asia/Pacific region.